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Peace Country producer Lawrence Andruchiw has kept wildlife out of his pasture land with a 3D fence like this one.

3D fencing keeps wildlife at bay

Unlike typical fencing, 3D fencing uses different heights, widths, and depths to make it harder for wildlife to navigate and jump

After a long Alberta winter, farmers weren’t the only ones happy to see spring. “I’ve had a lot of issues with elk and deer going through here,” said Lawrence Andruchiw, who farms near Spirit River. “When the plants are first coming up in the spring, they pull the whole plant right out. I decided I […] Read more

Tessa Nybo used a trail cam to capture this picture of a moose in their haystack yard, which is only protected by barbed wire fence.

Protecting stored hay from wildlife

‘Sweet and simple’ and 3D are two of your options, but the starting point is putting a 
dollar figure on the hay eaten by Bambi and his hungry mates

Deer, elk, and moose pose a serious threat to stored hay reserves on farms across the Prairies — especially during winter when they are most desperate for feed. Hazing and chemical deterrents may keep these ungulates away in the short term, but this route is often time consuming and not a permanent solution. Fencing the […] Read more