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According to the Elanco “liver check” system used in packing plants, this abscessed beef liver would be condemned with an

Microbiome research an important step in beef cattle research

Cattle’s internal microbiome another place where diseases develop

Reading Time: 3 minutes Microbiome research could help answer a lot of questions about respiratory and liver abscess disease. The microbiome, a collection of bacteria, could be another place where diseases develop. “When we’re talking about respiratory diseases, a lot of the bugs that cause respiratory disease are there all the time,” Beef Cattle Research Council science director Reynold […] Read more

The lowdown on the common lumps and bumps of horses

The lowdown on the common lumps and bumps of horses

Horse Health: Often the best treatment is benign neglect until they get better on their own

Reading Time: 4 minutes Over their lifetime, horses present with an array of lumps and bumps on various occasions. At times the lump or bump will seemingly appear suddenly from out of nowhere, or it may develop slowly and remain for years without change. The behaviour and clinical picture of the lump/bump will determine whether it needs further investigation […] Read more