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Frequently asked questions about grain storage

What is dry grain, how long can you store your crops, 
and will grasshoppers increase moisture levels?

Reading Time: 2 minutes  How much drying will I get with aeration? Some drying can occur in aeration systems, but generally, grain going into aeration bins should be within one per cent of being dry enough for long-term storage.  Should I turn my aeration off at night or during rainy days when the air is cool and humid? Since […] Read more

Grain elevators reporting spike in heated canola

Grain elevators reporting spike in heated canola

More heated canola is being reported so producers should check for heated seeds by coring bins or transferring their grain to another bin

Reading Time: 3 minutes Growers, check your bins — grain terminals across Alberta have reported a spike in heated canola, and your cereals may be in danger as well. “I did a sample of canola two or three weeks ago and it already had four per cent of heated in it, and canola can deteriorate very quickly,” Larry Michta […] Read more

(Photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Damp, tough canola at risk for spoilage

Some Prairie canola growers may now be able to get back to their unharvested canola, but the Canola Council of Canada warns that tough or damp canola can still be volatile, even at cooler outdoor temperatures. The Saskatchewan agriculture ministry on Wednesday reported “a few” growers in the province’s southeast were out harvesting canola last […] Read more

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Three ways producers can better manage stored grain

Invest in monitoring, learn the three basic principles of drying, and clean out those bins before harvest

Reading Time: 5 minutes When farmers look at their full grain bins they are essentially looking at thousands of dollars in investment. The last thing any producer wants is to lose any part of that investment before it even leaves the farm, but that’s exactly what happens every year due to overheating and spoilage. There are three basic things […] Read more

As the temperatures fall, the chance of spoilage goes up if you’re not keeping a close eye on canola in the bin.

Don’t gamble by not aerating your canola

Uneven maturity means there’s more green seed this year, and that ups the risk of spoilage

Reading Time: 2 minutes You can lose a lot of money in a hurry, so watch for potential canola storage problems as fall transitions into early winter, says a provincial crop specialist. “Canola seed’s high oil content makes it very susceptible to deterioration in storage,” said Neil Whatley. “Safe, long-term canola storage is at or below eight per cent […] Read more

You need to find and identify pests in stored grain to determine 
the right control method.

Check for insects in stored grain

Here are some tips for protecting the quality of stored grain

Reading Time: < 1 minute Be on the lookout for insects in any grain stored over the summer or in areas around storage bins, says the Canadian Grain Commission. These insects could move easily between bins and infest the new harvest. To protect the quality of grain currently in storage, the commission recommends the following: Sample the grain from the […] Read more

Producers risk their whole bin when they overload their grain, says Ryan Braun of OPI.

When storing grain, remember to SLAM

Paying attention to sanitation, loading, aeration, and monitoring is key to avoiding storage problems

Reading Time: 3 minutes This fall when you’re preparing your grain for storage, all you need to do is remember to SLAM. That’s short for sanitation, loading, aeration, and monitoring. The first step — removing any dust or debris from your bins before harvest — is “obviously important,” said Ryan Braun, Canadian sales manager for OPI, a grain storage […] Read more

Installation of a fan on a 4,000-bushel hopper bin.

Cutting through the clutter on bin aeration

What equipment you need and when to aerate are just two of 
many questions when it comes to protecting grain in the bin

Reading Time: 5 minutes With hot and dry conditions throughout much of this year’s growing season, proper aeration of grain has become more important than ever in order to prevent overheated grain or spoilage. At the same time, there’s a never-ending parade of new aeration solutions on the market, creating a lot of confusion among growers looking for better […] Read more

checking canola in a storage bin

Sudden rise in cases of heated canola

Temperature cables are a good way to discover if your bin is at risk

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canola delivery points report a spike in heated canola over the past couple weeks. Crushers have capacity to accommodate a certain amount of mildly heated canola, but some locations are maxed out and have pushed back delivery of heated canola well into the new year — given the sudden increase in volume. Growers are encouraged […] Read more