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Record-keeping rules for manure

Records must be kept for five years and include who handled the manure, 
and what, where, and when manure was applied

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development is reminding producers and manure haulers and applicators who handle more than 500 tonnes per year of manure that they must keep records for a minimum of five years. “When we are talking about manure, we’re including everything from manure, compost, bedding, and feed to the wash water,” said Deanne […] Read more

The lowdown on short-term manure storage

Provincial specialist Chris Ullmann says producers need to review the rules before using short-term manure storage

Short-term manure storage allows producers to manage their manure and field activities, but can raise issues, says a specialist in confined feeding operations with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. “It’s also an activity that often generates questions,” said Chris Ullmann. “Short-term storage can be concerning to neighbours if the rules are not followed or if […] Read more