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Ottawa’s plan to increase the carbon tax will greatly up the price tag for grain drying, and transport will cost farmers “hundreds of millions of dollars in Saskatchewan alone,” says the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan.

Carbon tax will increase costs by $12 an acre, says farm group

Costs for drying and shipping grain will soar as carbon tax rises, says APAS

Reading Time: 2 minutes Boosting the carbon tax to $170 per tonne will push up the cost of producing and transporting wheat by $12.50 an acre, says the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS). Three-quarters of that cost will come from the additional cost for propane for drying wheat and from a surcharge that CN and CP Rail will […] Read more

Grain Growers of Canada created this website to build a case for exempting grain drying from the carbon tax.

Producers invited to share their numbers on new anti-carbon tax website

Grain Growers says farmers need to speak up about the additional costs incurred from carbon tax

Reading Time: 3 minutes Grain Growers of Canada has launched a campaign to “help” federal Ag Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau build a case for eliminating the carbon tax on grain drying. “Minister Bibeau has stated that she needs more data on how much farmers had to pay in carbon taxes to dry their grain, before she will consider compensation or […] Read more