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Dispelling the myth of Big Agriculture

Putting out the facts is farmers’ best way for discrediting their critics

Reading Time: 3 minutes What would you think if Big Oil or Big Tobacco said to you, “Just trust us!”? Are we guilty of the same thing in Big Agriculture? Do we even consider why they paint all of us that way even those we are just family farmers? So what if we use herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and even […] Read more

Man making a presentation in front of a screen.

Anti-glyphosate crusader accuses herbicide of causing a host of ills

Don Huber is a darling of farm critics, but once again refused to offer evidence for his claim during a Lethbridge visit

Reading Time: 3 minutes Don Huber has become the darling of organic farming fans and notorious among farmers and scientists for his opposition to glyphosate and genetically engineered crops. The retired plant pathologist from Purdue University, who has a long and distinguished CV, laid out some of the science — and his personal beliefs — for stance for attendees […] Read more

Ken Coles

Perception can become reality — which is why we need to understand our critics

Glyphosate foe Don Huber has become a darling of critics of modern agriculture, 
even though he’s never offered proof for his accusations

Reading Time: 3 minutes Netflix got me hooked on the popular television show “Mad Men.” To be honest, it was kind of boring for the most part, but I ended up watching the first six seasons in a month or so. Being a gen-Xer, it was intriguing to get a glimpse into a time when I was not alive. […] Read more