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Kelsey Beasley with a child

Dancing with Mother Nature and leaving a legacy of sustainability

Being sustainable means focusing on a triple bottom line — 
the people, the land and the business

Reading Time: 3 minutes My husband John and I have always been drawn to the land. He is a third-generation rancher here in Canada; I grew up on my parents’ small mixed farm. I am a microbiologist by trade and a rancher by inclination. John and I possess a strong land ethic as well as a keen ecological awareness; […] Read more

a row of combines harvesting

The four fallacies of sustainable food production

Intensive, large-scale production employing the 
latest technology is key to feeding a hungry world

Reading Time: 4 minutes The view that we need to change how we produce food in the name of sustainability has become ubiquitous in Canada and other developed countries. Indeed, spurred on by the perceptions of some consumers, the food industry has become keenly interested in how farmers produce food. They want to know about their carbon footprint; animal […] Read more