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Feedlots topped the list for injury claims to the Workers Compensation Board in the first half of the year.

Workplace compensation claims on farms jump sharply

But the claims offer an opportunity for finding ways to make farms and ranches safer for everyone, says farm leader

Reading Time: 4 minutes Alberta farm employee injury claims have more than doubled since workplace compensation coverage became mandatory for farms on Jan. 1, even though the number of workers being covered is only up by two-thirds. During the first six months of the year, 395 claims were filed by farm workers and 356 claims were accepted by the […] Read more

“We all want our employees to be going home at night safe and in the same condition that they came to work in,” says Kevin Serfas.

Moving past the Bill 6 rhetoric

AgCoalition meetings focus on creating sensible workplace safety rules

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Alberta government’s town halls on Bill 6 last winter were explosive, but recent industry-led meetings didn’t produce similar fireworks. “I thought the meeting went very well. There were lots of ideas thrown around between farmers and the facilitators,” said Turin-area farmer Kevin Serfas, who attended AgCoalition’s producer meeting in Lethbridge on June 22. “The […] Read more

Bill 6 controversy flares again

Bill 6 controversy flares again

The province plans to hand-pick who it will consult with

Reading Time: 2 minutes A coalition of Alberta farm groups wants the provincial government to put the brakes on its proposed Bill 6 consultation model. In mid-February, the province held a two-week nomination process to gather names for six separate working groups to consult on Bill 6, the controversial Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act. The problem […] Read more