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Updated benchmarks for AgriProfit$ tool

Reading Time: < 1 minute Updates have been made to the AgriProfit$ crops and forages benchmarks. The benchmarks — calculated averages of costs and returns by soil zones — have been updated to include individual producer’s data collected for the 2017 growing season. This includes producers’ actual costs, revenues, and margins by soil zones for different crops and forages. AgriProfit$ […] Read more

Still time to participate in AgriProfit$

Applicants accepted until Nov. 30

Reading Time: < 1 minute AgriProfit$ is accepting applicants until the end of November for its 2018 edition. Farmers participating in the survey receive customized economic reports, including a budget sheet, income statement, and analyses of major enterprises like cow-calf, drylot, and crops. Aggregate data is used to produce benchmarks and help farmers analyze their decision-making activities. The tool now […] Read more

Cow and a Calf

Taking care of business

First sessions begin Nov. 14

Reading Time: < 1 minute The theme of this year’s Cow-Calfenomics sessions is enhancing farm business decisions in the cow-calf sector. Topics this year will include the market situation and outlook from Anne Wasko, use of risk management tools, business structures for new entrants, production enterprise analysis, Agriprofit$, a guide to agricultural credit, and the value of having a mentor. […] Read more

What will make you money this year?

What will make you money this year?

Reading Time: < 1 minute AgriProfit$ Cropping Alternatives has been updated for 2017. The crop-budgeting tool allows producers to project costs, margins and break-even yields for potential cropping choices. The data is presented by soil zones, with a mix of cereals, oilseeds, pulses and forage crops for each zone. Crop budgets include a projection of individual itemized variable costs as […] Read more

AgriProfit$ program gets upgrades

Reading Time: < 1 minute The latest version of the AgriProfit$ program offers improved reports and faster report turnaround times. Producers who sign up and submit production cost data receive a customized farm business analysis. The program is now moving to digital data collection, so reports will be ready shortly after completing the survey with program interviewers. Reports will also […] Read more

AgriProfit$ offers Alberta producers benchmark data from their soil zone.

Want to know how you stack up?

The latest edition of AgriProfit$ offers performance benchmarks for both crops and livestock

Reading Time: 2 minutes The latest version of AgriProfit$ crop and forages benchmarks is now available. “These averages are calculated from the individual producer’s data collected for the 2015 growing season through the AgriProfit$ program,” said crops economist Rawlin Thangaraj. This benchmark gives a good handle on the producers’ actual costs, revenues, and margins by soil zones for different […] Read more

Financial survey of producers soon available

Reading Time: < 1 minute In 2015, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry conducted a cost-of-production survey, known as the AgriProfit$ program. Currently, the program generates a variety of customized reports such as a financial budget summary, revenue and expenses statement, and economic analysis of individual enterprises such as cow-calf, drylot, grasser, forages, pastures, and crops. The benchmark survey results will be […] Read more

Ignore market chatter with AgriProfit$

Reading Time: < 1 minute Still watching the markets before finalizing your seeding plans? There are a number of factors affecting markets, and the challenge is filtering all the information, says provincial crop market analyst Neil Blue. “Rather than being caught up in day-to-day market chatter, most producers deal with the cropping decisions by considering some basics in addition to […] Read more