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Hanneke and Michel Camps wanted training for seasonal workers and have developed a safety program that involves their full-time staff. 

Farmer-led AgSafe program helps producers tackle farm safety issues

Farm Safety Week: The program is free, designed to be practical, and can be tailored for individual farms

Reading Time: 4 minutes Better farm safety can start with small steps. Even a simple act like hanging a sign can play an important role in preventing a disaster. “We have these lockout tags that say ‘Lockout. DO NOT OPERATE,’” said Donna Trottier, extension co-ordinator of the AgSafe Alberta program. “There was an incident a farmer told me about. […] Read more

The wording of workplace safety regulations could cost producers a lot of grief and money if not done right, says Kent Erickson, chair of the AgSafe Society of Alberta.

The devil is in the wording when it comes to farm safety regulations

Farmer input needed before new OHS rules are enforced, says AgSafe Society chair

Reading Time: 3 minutes Progress has been made in getting the provincial government to adopt sensible, practical workplace safety rules for farms, but there’s still work to do, says the chair of the AgSafe Society of Alberta. “There’s some language in the technical wording of the legislation that can be hard to explain and figure out how they practically […] Read more