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The planned release of a GM variety of alfalfa for commercial hay production in Eastern Canada has raised fears of contamination 
in conventional alfalfa.

Roundup Ready alfalfa primed for launch in East

But critics of GM alfalfa say U.S. experience shows that ‘coexistence’ isn’t possible

Reading Time: 3 minutes Roundup Ready alfalfa is being launched on a limited basis in Canada’s six eastern provinces. Forage Genetics International (FGI) said late last month it will be releasing some HarvXtra alfalfa seed for planting this spring — but critics of GM alfalfa denounced the move, saying it’s “a myth” it won’t contaminate non-GM seed and hay […] Read more

Brent Reese

Counties say GM alfalfa not wanted here

Councillors and forage industry members concerned about potential loss of markets if GM alfalfa allowed in Alberta

Reading Time: 3 minutes Councillors from counties across the province have voted to keep genetically modified alfalfa out of Alberta until international markets become more accepting of the crop. At a meeting of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC) earlier this month, 59 per cent of Alberta’s county councillors voted to keep the province free of […] Read more