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Gottlob Schmidt stands by the sign installed at the gate to his property. The 90-year-old Schmidt donated his farm to the province and it will become Alberta’s 76th provincial park.

Rancher’s generous donation is a gift for all Albertans

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gottlob Schmidt had a dream of preserving the land that he has spent so much time on. And the realization of that dream will benefit all Albertans with the creation of the province’s 76th provincial park. “It has always been my wish that someday I could leave this land to someone else,” said the 90-year-old […] Read more

Wild horses have many passionate supporters but others 
say they overgraze pastures and can pose a disease threat.

A big test for Alberta’s wild horses

Advocates who want to save the animals hope DNA testing will prove they qualify as native to the province

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are Alberta’s wild horses native to the province or just domestic horses gone feral? A new DNA testing initiative aims to settle that question, and potentially end the battle over the wild horse cull. “We’re trying to determine if there are any special genetics among the wildies of the eastern slopes so we can decide […] Read more

(Fertilizer Safety and Security Council)

Fertilizer spill halts water use from Alta. river

Officials are urging users of water from southern Alberta’s Little Bow River and Travers Reservoir to shut down those uses until further notice, following a farm fertilizer spill. The province’s environment department said about 9,800 litres of liquid urea ammonium nitrate were “accidentally released” Wednesday from a container on private land in Vulcan County, northeast […] Read more