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Both inspections and monitoring are being stepped up this year in the ongoing war to keep invasive mussels — which may be just 60 kilometres from the border — out of Alberta’s waterways.

The threat of invasive mussels draws ever closer to Alberta

Water officials on high alert after positive samples for larval mussels 
were found in two nearby Montana reservoirs last year

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lakes closed to watercraft; shores fouled with sharp shells and a rotting mollusk smell; millions of tax dollars going to clean up irrigation and hydro-electric infrastructure — that’s the future if quagga or zebra mussels find their way into the province. For decades, Alberta has been protected by a buffer of mussel-free provinces and states […] Read more

People transporting canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards must also stop at inspection stations, such as this one at Jumping Pound west of Calgary.  

Authorities up efforts in the battle to keep out invasive mussels

More inspections, tougher enforcement, and lots of education key to 
keeping Alberta waterways clear of quagga and zebra mussels

Reading Time: 3 minutes The provincial government and irrigation districts are ramping up their efforts to keep invasive quagga and zebra mussels out of Alberta. Along with more watercraft inspections, the province is also stepping up enforcement — and boaters who fail to stop at an inspection station face a fine of up to $100,000 or 12 months in […] Read more

Investment in irrigation infrastructure, like Bassano Dam Spillway,
has generated huge economic returns.

Economic study shows irrigation pays big dividends

Irrigation adds about $3.6 billion to the provincial economy each year and has the potential to do even more

Reading Time: 2 minutes In these tough economic times, irrigation is a good news story. Irrigation in Alberta is attracting businesses, creating jobs, generating revenue for governments, and bolstering the economy. How do we know this? The Alberta Irrigation Projects Association commissioned a study to look at exactly that. While people in the irrigation industry understand the benefits and […] Read more

 A new study says the economic impact of irrigation ripples across the province.

Study says irrigation delivers big dollars to Alberta economy

Study also finds irrigated crop and livestock production have created 
38,000 direct jobs and another 17,000 ones in food processing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every cubic metre of water delivered for irrigation creates $3 to the province’s GDP and $2 in labour income. This is one of the key conclusions in a study funded by the Canada-Alberta Growing Forward 2 program and commissioned by the Alberta Irrigation Projects Association (AIPA). The study also shows that for every dollar of […] Read more

mussell samples on display

Alarm bells ringing in Alberta as invasive mussels move west

The arrival of the devastating invaders in Manitoba has led to mandatory inspections here

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alberta introduced tough new legislation last month requiring mandatory boat inspections — a ramping up of the effort to keep zebra and quagga mussels out of the province. But officials admit that what’s really needed is public buy-in — and a little luck — to keep these devastating waterway invaders at bay. “If we ‘miss […] Read more