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Alberta pulse pioneer honoured

Alberta pulse pioneer honoured

Reading Time: < 1 minute Craig Shaw is the recipient of the seventh annual Alberta Pulse Industry Innovator Award. The fourth-generation Lacombe-area producer, who retired from farming in 2016, was the inaugural vice-president of Alberta Pulse Growers Commission in 1989, becoming the group’s president a year later. He began growing peas in 1984 (to feed his brother’s hogs) and became […] Read more

Trio of AGMs being held online

Meetings take place Jan. 26 and Jan. 27

Reading Time: < 1 minute You’ll have to bring your own coffee, but you can still participate in the annual general meetings of the three crop commissions normally held during FarmTech. With the conference cancelled this year, Alberta Wheat, Alberta Canola and Alberta Pulse Growers are all holding their AGMs online. Alberta Canola’s meeting is Jan. 26 (from 9:30 a.m. […] Read more

When it comes to burger ads, it’s pretty tough to tell McDonald’s Quarter Pounder (top left) from the company’s new McPlant burger (top right). But is it confusing in the grocery store? While Impossible Foods calls its ground beef substitute “burger made from plants,” (bottom right) Beyond Meat uses beef and ‘plant based’ but also a steer logo (bottom left).

Some cattle producers have a beef with fake-meat labelling

Is it misleading to use words like burger and meat for veggie substitutes?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Plant-based protein. Simulated meat. Alternative protein. When it comes to labelling fake meat, what’s in a name? Well, it depends on who you ask. Some say using words like ‘burger’ or ‘sausage’ to describe vegetarian fare is misleading. “To me, it’s obvious we’re producing the best meat product, because everybody else wants to call theirs […] Read more

Video details pre-harvest timing for peas

Video details pre-harvest timing for peas

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Pulse Growers has posted a video on its website on pea staging. The video by the organization’s research manager, Jenn Walker, looks at desiccation and pre-harvest timing. It was shot last summer in a field that had some areas where plants were about 80 per cent brown and therefore ready for desiccation. But other […] Read more

Alberta Pulse Growers expects this year’s lentil harvest to maintain five-year average yields.  Photo: File

Pulse weekly outlook: Canadian lentil prices remain stable

MarketsFarm – Early summer was characterized by concerns that dry, hot weather across the Canadian Prairies would impede lentil yields. However, recently improved growing conditions meant lentil crops have stayed largely stable. “It’s a completely different scenario now than it was two weeks ago,” said Darwin Hamilton of Kalshae Commodities in Winnipeg. “A month ago […] Read more

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Pulse weekly outlook: Benchmark report out for fababeans, feed peas

MarketsFarm — Alberta Pulse Growers on Monday released Feed Benchmark Bi-Weekly Reports, providing “a consistent and unbiased estimate of the feeding value of low-tannin fababeans and feed peas” in central Alberta, central Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba. Comparing fababean and feed pea prices to other feed grains, the report stated, “Grains are softening further on the […] Read more

Shepert and Semeniuk to head up pulse board

Shepert and Semeniuk to head up pulse board

Reading Time: < 1 minute Don Shepert of St. Brides is the new chair of Alberta Pulse Growers while Robert Semeniuk of Smoky Lake is the new vice-chair and Jerome Isaac of Crooked Creek is the third executive member of the board. New directors are Semeniuk in Zone 5 and Kelisha Archer of Drumheller in Zone 2, who were each […] Read more

Erin Gowriluk new executive director of Grain Growers

Reading Time: < 1 minute Erin Gowriluk is the new executive director of the Grain Growers of Canada. Gowriluk has an extensive background in agriculture policy. She most recently worked for Syngenta Canada and prior to that was the policy analyst for Alberta Wheat and Alberta Barley. She also has worked for Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. “A strong leader, […] Read more

One of the pulse research projects will look at yield loss in peas caused by root rot.

Crop Commissions fund pulse, canola research

Reading Time: < 1 minute Pulse and canola research is getting a boost from Alberta. Alberta Pulse Growers is putting $2.4 million into Pulse Science Cluster projects, a collaborative effort of the three Prairie commissions, their Ontario counterpart, and Pulse Canada. Among the projects are disease resistance in early-maturing bean lines for Alberta; genetically improved field pea varieties and germplasm; […] Read more

Pulse expert Mark Olson checks a fababean plant for nodules.

Profitable Pulses: Don’t hesitate — inoculate, says pulse expert

Applying inoculant is an inexpensive — and essential — way to make sure pulse crops fix nitrogen

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thinking of saving a few bucks by not inoculating your pulse crops? Don’t, says a pulse research agrologist. Most growers recognize the benefits of rhizobium inoculant (the bacteria present in both soil and commercial inoculant) in fixing all-important nitrogen in the soil. However, when it comes to cost cutting, some may be tempted to forgo […] Read more