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New super agency aims to help diversify economy

Alberta Innovates merges four agencies, including two that had been involved in agricultural projects

Reading Time: 2 minutes Four Albertan agencies are merging into one large entity in order to become more cost efficient and competitive. On Nov. 1, Alberta Innovates became a legal entity, absorbing Alberta Innovates Tech Futures; Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions; Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions; and Alberta Innovates Health Solutions. “There’s a lot of stake in this because […] Read more

Open-pen feedlot manure is collected from Highland Feeders for use in anaerobic digesters to produce biogas at the neighbouring 
Hairy Hill facility.

Patents boost Alberta biogas company’s plans for expansion

Himark BioGas can now let potential clients independently 
assess the engineering of its leading-edge technology

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s been in the works for about a decade, but North American and international patents have been issued to Alberta-based Himark BioGas International for its unique biogas production technology. It’s a major step for the company, which was created to find a way to use manure from Highland Feeders as a biogas feedstock. “It’s part […] Read more