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Emily Ritchie’s prizes included a $1,000 cheque, presented by Eric Dalke and 
Deb Hart of the Alberta Young Speakers for Agriculture competition.

Passion and drive allow farmers to overcome any hurdle

Reading Time: 3 minutes Emily Ritchie of Turner Valley was the senior winner in the first annual Alberta Young Speakers for Agriculture competition at the Calgary Stampede for her speech on the challenges facing the next generation of farmers. How many of you have a cellphone in your pocket? This is a new phenomenon but as times change, technology […] Read more

Our future Canadian farm leaders need to network

There is incredible diversity in the ag sector and great 
benefit in sharing ideas with farmers in other sectors

Reading Time: 3 minutes If we are to spread our wings in agriculture, it is often a good idea to look around. We gain an appreciation of the whole of agriculture if we look at all of it, rather than be limited to our sector. There are many good examples of how commitment can bring something into the mainstream. […] Read more