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Geri Wayslow has been breeding alpacas on her farm near Ranfurly for the past 15 years.

Diversification drives success at Alberta alpaca farm

Alpaca-assisted therapy, children’s camps, and other programs add to revenue streams

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alpacas may look like a fun farm pet, but for Geri Wayslow, they’re a true labour of love — one that requires a whole lot of hard work and a little bit of luck to turn a profit. “It’s fun as a breeder to see what I’ve created, but more importantly, it’s about what I […] Read more

Alpaca pioneers have a YEG connection

Alpaca pioneers have a YEG connection

Reading Time: < 1 minute Where do alpacas come from? Would you believe the Edmonton airport? According to Alpaca Canada, “the first large importation” occurred on Jan. 2, 1992 and YEG was their gateway to the country. “These animals had been quarantined in New Zealand for 1-1/2 years before arriving,” the organization’s website states. “A 747 cargo plane then flew […] Read more

Humphrey Banack said visitors were “amazed” at the scale of his equipment when they visited his Round Hill operation last year on Open Farm Days.

Alberta farmers putting on a really big show

Open Farm Days scheduled from Aug. 20 - 21

Reading Time: < 1 minute Nearly 100 Alberta farm families will be welcoming visitors to their operations for Open Farm Days on Aug. 21. The long list of participants includes a variety of livestock operations (cattle, bison, alpaca, sheep, llama, goat, poultry, and heritage pigs); crop farms (honey, fruit, vegetable, and grain); organic operations; and agri-tourism businesses (U-pick, corn mazes, […] Read more