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The anhydrous ammonia training video offers step-by-step instructions on hooking up and disconnecting a nurse tank.

Online training for safe handling of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer

The popular fertilizer is a toxic and highly corrosive gas that needs to be treated with great care

Farmers can renew their training on the safe handling and use of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer through a newly updated safety manual and video put out by Fertilizer Canada. Anhydrous ammonia is classified as a dangerous good under federal regulations. It bears the number 2.3 (8) — 2.3 means it’s a toxic gas while the (8) […] Read more

Ammonia nurse tanks won’t be idled, say groups

Farmers shouldn’t worry about their nurse tanks being sidelined this spring, say Fertilizer Canada and the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers. Revised Transport Canada regulations came into effect earlier this year that increase the frequency of hydrostatic testing and visual inspection of ammonia nurse and applicator tanks. The rule change has the potential to sideline a […] Read more

Deal reached on ammonia nurse tanks

An agreement has been reached that will allow ammonia nurse tanks to continue to be used this spring if they meet certain conditions. New Transport Canada regulations were to take effect Jan. 12 requiring implementation of Canadian Standards Association B620/622-14 standards. They increase the frequency for hydrostatic testing and for visual inspections, and set new […] Read more

Using open-path lasers (pictured), federal research scientist Sean McGinn found between 50 to 60 per cent of nitrogen 
in a feedlot is lost to the atmosphere as ammonia.

Half of nitrogen from feedlots is lost to ammonia emission

Mitigating emissions from feedlots isn’t easy, but there are ‘simple’ steps 
to reduce nitrogen losses and save money

Feedlots have come a long way in reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions in recent years. But a new federal research study has found that nitrogen losses in feedlots are still significant — and can significantly affect the bottom line. “We’re losing about 50 per cent of the nitrogen to ammonia loss in a feedlot, and […] Read more

Save time and maybe money with fall soil sampling

Having a firm fertilizer plan in the fall allows you to take advantage of any dip in fertilizer prices

Soil sampling now will save time in spring and early planning of your fertilizer programs gives you the chance to take advantage of lower fertilizer prices that may occur, says a provincial crop specialist. But soil samples need to be representative of the field, said Mark Cutts. “For example, if there are small areas of […] Read more