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High hopes for remote sensing of pasture conditions

High hopes for remote sensing of pasture conditions

Federal funding assists pasture project

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association says it hopes a research project on remote sensing of pasture conditions will be the foundation for a new national pasture insurance program. “The project’s findings may allow for more precision in the development of insurance programs for pasture production, on a farm level, rather than by geographic regions or limited […] Read more

Custom feeding may be the wise choice this year, but you still have to calculate 
all the costs.

When it makes sense to have cattle custom fed

Freight costs, yardage, and the ‘opportunity cost’ of your labour may be the deciding factors

Reading Time: 2 minutes Trucking in hay is very expensive this year, but you still have to run the numbers to decide if it’s better to buy feed or have cattle custom fed, says a provincial farm business management specialist. The first step is to calculate the cost of putting feed into the feed bunk, said Dean Dyck. This […] Read more

Cows leaving the dairy

The time has come to rethink single-trait selection

Temple Grandin was right about animal welfare, and she’s right 
about respecting the dual purpose of food animals, too

Reading Time: 4 minutes I am a big fan of Dr. Temple Grandin. A long time ago we stood in a small community hall in Alberta with 60 farmers in attendance. She talked about an animal’s reaction to light, movement, and sound, and encouraged producers to see their facilities through the eyes of their livestock. I talked about shrinkage […] Read more

man and woman standing with cattle

New animal care assessment tool to measure animal welfare in Canadian feedlots

With the new assessment program, cattle feeders can show consumers exactly 
how they’re ensuring the welfare of their animals

Reading Time: 3 minutes The organization that represents Canada’s cattle feeders is staying one step ahead of changing consumer demands, through a new feedlot animal care assessment program. “The National Cattle Feeders’ Association decided that it wanted to be proactive and develop a national animal care assessment program for feed yards,” said Dr. Joyce Van Donkersgoed, a feedlot veterinarian […] Read more