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cows on winter pasture

Making the best of a bad situation

Beef 911: If you plan ahead, you can still get good value for an animal that suddenly needs to be put down

Reading Time: 4 minutes All producers run into the need for emergency slaughter of their livestock from time to time. With a co-ordinated effort between producers, abattoirs, and veterinarians we can realize good value and prevent the waste of good meat protein. It is important to preplan the chain of events that would happen in the event of emergency […] Read more

meat packing plant

Database follows the money to the packing plant

Study of carcass data shows cattle from an elite breeding program were worth more than $200 a head than the average calf

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sharing data through the entire beef chain adds value that can translate to economic gains — although how much of that might go to cattle producers is a question yet to be answered. McDonald’s Canada, Beefbooster, and BIXSco — the company now running the Beef InfoXchange System — recently collaborated with Livestock Gentec to analyze […] Read more

Heather Bruce, associate professor of meat science and carcass at the University of Alberta is the director of the Canadian Meat Education and Training Network and head of Canada’s first meat science graduate program.

U of A home to new meat program

Program will teach students necessary skills to 
fill looming labour shortage

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most people love a good burger or pork chop, but they don’t think about the science or research involved with meat. Fortunately, there’s a group of people who do. And starting this fall, students who want to become experts in “the science of meat” will be able to enrol for a graduate degree in the […] Read more