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Horses will develop repetitive behaviour in response to stress and unmet needs.

Pacing, rocking and other worrisome behaviour in horses

Horse Health: Repetitive behaviour isn’t a problem to fix, it’s a sign to look for the root issue

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stereotypic behaviours are repetitive behaviours performed by animals with no obviously discernible function. One of the most commonly recognized stereotypic behaviours is the pacing of polar bears in zoo exhibits. Stereotypic behaviours are also recognized in horses, of which cribbing, weaving and stall walking or pacing are the three most common. Polar bears and horses […] Read more

Technology such as infrared thermography brings hard data — instead of opinion — to the animal welfare debate, says Ed Pajor, a professor of animal welfare at the University of Calgary.  Photo: Jill Steele

Stress tool could have a big impact

Infrared thermography provides a quick and non-invasive way to 
measure stress, and that has big implications for livestock producers

Reading Time: 5 minutes A new ‘eye’ on how animals respond to stressful situations is providing researchers with a valuable tool that could one day have a big impact on how livestock are treated. Infrared thermography — or IRT — can tell a lot of stories by measuring body heat in a specific area. Using a device that looks […] Read more