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Time to get the dead wood out

The annual elm-pruning ban is over until March 31, so it’s time to remove dead wood that can attract elm bark beetles, says the Society to Prevent Dutch Elm Disease (STOPDED). The beetles breed and overwinter in dead and dying elms but trees can’t be pruned between April 1 and Sept. 30 because the pests […] Read more

Tree pruning is a good thing when done properly

When done properly, pruning will produce strong, healthy, and attractive trees. “However, before pruning a tree, you need to understand why, when, and how to prune,” said Janet Feddes-Calpas, Stop Dutch Elm Disease (STOPDED) co-ordinator. Rule No. 1 is don’t top a tree. “Topping is the practice of removing large branches and tops of trees […] Read more

Elm-pruning ban lifted until next spring

Now is the time to remove dead wood to help keep elms healthy

The annual elm-pruning ban in Alberta has been lifted until March 31. “With the annual ban now lifted, it’s time to start taking the dead wood out of your elm trees,” said Janet Feddes-Calpas, executive director of the Society to Prevent Dutch Elm Disease. “To help eliminate elm bark beetle habitat, elm sanitation is essential […] Read more