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Spotted knapweed thrives in harsh conditions.

Don’t let this on your rangeland

Reading Time: < 1 minute Spotted knapweed has been reported in many areas of the province, especially ones with lots of vehicle traffic. Calgary, major highways, and border crossings are just a few areas with high densities of this prohibited noxious weed. The plant skeletons get caught in vehicle undercarriages, contributing to its spread. It also thrives in disturbed sites […] Read more

This Dame’s rocket plant was 
found in the Pincher Creek area.

Dame’s rocket, a beautiful but rampant invasive species

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s beautiful, fragrant, and pollinators love it — but Dame’s rocket can spread at an alarming rate, especially in riparian areas. It is found across Alberta, and there are anecdotal reports this prolific seed producer from the mustard family is becoming more common this year. It’s found quite frequently at old farm sites, but is […] Read more


A highly destructive weed to be feared

Reading Time: < 1 minute Knotweed has been spotted in recent years in Trochu, Sylvan Lake, Leduc, Parkland County, Grande Prairie, Calgary, and Waterton National Park. There has also been a report of visitors to B.C. returning with a clump of roots to transplant into their garden. This prohibited noxious weed is very destructive, and can grow through cracks in […] Read more

smartphone app

Smartphone app helps farmers scout for Alberta’s noxious weeds

App allows farmers to identify noxious weeds and report them to their local municipal fieldmen

Reading Time: 2 minutes Need help identifying a noxious weed? Of course, there’s an app for that. “Most people have a phone with them at any given time,” said Jeff Fleischer, a member of the communications committee for the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen. “We prepared the app so that people could have a list of all of the […] Read more