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Bacterial leaf streak is often confused for stripe rust, but without the orange spores.

Watch for bacterial leaf streak in your wheat and barley this year

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cereal growers across Alberta should keep bacterial leaf streak in their sights this year. “It’s not a new pathogen, but it’s what I’d call an emerging pathogen,” said provincial researcher Michael Harding. “It’s becoming more and more prevalent and even causing some economic loss in cereals.” Most growers don’t watch for it or manage it […] Read more

Symptoms of black chaff on wheat include discolouration of mature wheat head, dark brown or purple markings on wheat stems, and leaf streaking.

The lowdown on bacterial leaf streak

Reading Time: < 1 minute Extension specialists from the cereal commissions in the Prairies have created a new fact sheet on bacterial leaf streak and black chaff, two related diseases (both caused by the same pathogen) that are becoming more prevalent across the Prairies. Symptoms of bacterial leaf streak can be similar to fungal leaf spot diseases while black chaff […] Read more