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Haystack on winter Field in Alberta Canada

Don’t spoil your hay — store it properly

Forage expert offers tips for reducing spoilage, and makes a pitch for having a hay shed

Reading Time: 2 minutes While hay quality varies across the province, how to store that hay for the best results doesn’t. “We’ve got a mixed bag this year,” said provincial beef and forage specialist Barry Yaremcio. “Some people cut their hay early, got caught with the rains and had it discolour before it even got into the bales. Others […] Read more

There is a long list of potential hazards when baling, transporting,
 and stacking hay.

For safety’s sake, read this list and check it twice

Haying often means rushing to beat the weather, and that ups the danger, says farm safety expert

Reading Time: 2 minutes Baling season is once again in full swing. Many producers equate baling with hot summer days and a rush to beat the weather. While getting hay baled and off the field is a top priority, doing the job safely should take precedence. “To increase the safety of baling procedures while ensuring the job gets done, […] Read more