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The people who design new farm technology often have no understanding of what goes on at a farm, said pork producer Curtiss Littlejohn.

New technology brings new risks to the farm, say experts

Advances — from needleless injectors to auto steer — 
make farming easier, but also have safety implications

Reading Time: 3 minutes New technology brings many advantages to the farm, but can also result in unintended hazards, both for farmers and animals. This was stressed numerous times during presentations on technology at this year’s Canadian Agricultural Safety Association annual general meeting. Read more: AgSafe Alberta offering free safety programs for farmers “There’s a lot of routine work on […] Read more

Big, and sometimes very big, is the new norm and that makes construction of farm buildings a much more intricate process.

Farm buildings are complex and costly, but built to last

Old-fashioned barn raisings are pretty much gone – today you need a team of experts when building an equipment shed or barn

Reading Time: 5 minutes Building a barn used to be relatively simple. Often, family members, and maybe a few neighbours, simply went out and did it. Today, however, construction of a new farm building is an extremely complex — not to mention expensive — process. Regulations, more sophisticated building techniques, and advanced technology have upped the cost and complexity, […] Read more