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Terry Banack asked her Open Farm Days visitors what is made from the little black seeds in her hand. Their curiosity about modern farming was ‘refreshing,’ she said.

Open Farm Days: This is how you connect with consumers

Yes, there were questions about GMOs and hormones in meat, 
but the farm visitors were just ‘amazed’ by what they saw and learned

Reading Time: 4 minutes As farm leaders, Humphrey Banack and Kent Erickson are well aware that consumers are increasingly critical about how their food is produced. So they were expecting tough questions when they put up the ‘Come On In’ sign for this year’s edition of Alberta Open Farm Days. But that’s not what happened. “They were amazed at […] Read more

Want to be part of Open Farm Days? Here’s some tips

Show the link between farm and fork, line up the equipment in the yard, and take people’s breath away by talking technology

Reading Time: 2 minutes Organizers of Alberta Open Farm Days are always looking for more farm families to participate. But what can you offer visitors if you have, as Kent Erickson puts it, a “boring old conventional grain farm” or ranch? Here are some of the things conventional producers did this year. Terry Banack created a display using common […] Read more