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(Photo courtesy Canada Beef Inc.)

Klassen: Feeder market stabilizes

Western Canadian feeder cattle prices traded steady to $5 higher over the past week largely due to stronger U.S cattle markets. Alberta packers were relatively quiet but fed cattle prices in the U.S. southern Plains jumped US$5, reaching US$110. This sudden reversal caused Canadian feedlot operators to hold out for higher prices and the positive […] Read more

Steaks, other prime cuts, and ground beef dominate the beef counter in Canadian stores but to sell the whole carcass, the beef industry has to look abroad.

Beef industry adopts ‘right customer for the right cut’ marketing approach

Canada’s beef industry is beginning to maximize profits from the 
whole cattle carcass by catering to different global markets

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cuts from the loin, sirloin, and rib “help keep the lights on” for Canada’s beef industry, but it needs niche markets to capture value from the whole beef carcass, says Canada Beef’s director of North American market development. “The middle meats are obviously highly valuable, but they only make up a certain percentage of the […] Read more