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Here’s the beef — marketing agency reports on its efforts here and abroad

New chief marketer for Canada Beef has a lengthy list of promotional work, 
and plans to do much more

The new chief marketer for Canadian beef has plenty to keep him busy. Francis Andres, Canada Beef’s new executive vice-president, had a lengthy report on the agency’s promotional work in the past year. Andres — who counts stints with Safeway, Saputo, and Kraft Foods in his lengthy resumé — was hired in May just as […] Read more

Millennials, boomers, and new Canadians all present marketing challenges for the Canadian beef industry, says Doug Lacombe.

Canada has changed — and the beef industry must, too, says marketer

Newcomers don’t celebrate over roast beef dinners, millennials 
want cheap and convenient, and boomers are big on healthy eating

If you want to sell beef, you’re going to have to learn about the new Canada, says a digital marketing expert. “They’re not the same people as before — these are not your grandpa’s target markets, by any stretch,” Doug Lacombe, president of Calgary-based Communicatto, said at the recent Alberta Beef Industry Conference. “Most of […] Read more

Market to the people who already love your beef, says expert

Beef hedonists, ranching romantics, and true patriots are the biggest fans of Canadian beef

Why would you try pursuing someone who doesn’t like you? That’s the key to romance — and to marketing beef. “As an industry, we have been starting with the logic perspective for a very long time,” James Bradbury, Canada Beef’s brand officer, said at the Alberta Beef Industry Conference. “We need to start coming across […] Read more

Meeting consumer demand and delivering value is the best way to boost profits in the beef industry, 
John Stika told attendees at the Livestock Gentec conference.

Thinking like a consumer is key to beef industry’s success

Look at your product from your customers’ point of view 
as opposed to ours, says president of Certified Angus Beef

If you deliver the value that consumers want, they will come. And that’s the best way to drive profits in the beef industry. “If we involve them (consumers) in the process in one form or another, we can find a way to move forward that is financially rewarding for production agriculture and deliver a product […] Read more

Every dollar spent on research and marketing generates a big return for the 
Canadian cattle industry, says a new economic analysis.

Study points to payoff from cattle research, beef marketing

Economists use ‘econometric simulation model’ and find 
every $1 in checkoff investment generates a $14 return

A new study has found Canadian cattle producers receive a $14 benefit for every $1 in national checkoff fees invested in research and marketing activities. The study, by University of Alberta ag economists James Rude and Ellen Goddard, examined the period from 2011-12 to 2013-14. It updates a similar 2010 study (covering the period from […] Read more

Alberta beef producers want the checkoff on their cattle increased, but the provincial government 
has yet to say if it supports the move.

Bid to boost beef checkoffs remains stalled

There’s no resolution in sight on the issue of checkoffs, even though beef industry groups say research and marketing will suffer if the levies aren’t increased. “We need to invest more in marketing, research, and issues management,” said Rich Smith, executive director of Alberta Beef Producers (ABP). “We simply believe we need a higher level […] Read more

More research and marketing dollars would help address the ‘disturbing’ drop in herd numbers, says Alberta Beef Producers.

Hefty checkoff rebates put squeeze on Alberta Beef Producers

Marketing and research are suffering because one-third of voluntary checkoffs are being rebated, say officials

Checkoff refunds continue to hobble Alberta Beef Producers, which had to give back $2.5 million in the past year, mainly to cattle feeders. “The $2 service charge that we have here would be sufficient if we were able to invest it all, but we lose about a third of it,” said Rich Smith, the organization’s […] Read more

Five-year beef plan seeks boosts in demand, efficiency

A new strategy from national and provincial cattle producer and beef marketing agencies has set five-year percentage benchmarks for the industry’s productivity, added value and cost-effectiveness. Canada’s beef sector groups on Wednesday formally released their National Beef Strategy, a guiding document for “how the organizations can work together to best position the Canadian beef industry […] Read more