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Producers wanted for study on animal welfare

Participants are needed for a study on producer perceptions of animal welfare. The research project will examine the practices and perceptions of farm animal welfare among livestock producers, feedlot owners, and beef processors in both the beef and dairy industries of Alberta. It is being conducted in the context of the short-lived move by Earls […] Read more

New national beef strategy is on the right track

The goals are ambitious, but what’s key is that the cattle sector 
is coalescing around a common vision

Beef industry leaders have outlined some gutsy goals for their sector to meet with their recently released National Beef Strategy. Boosting production efficiency by 15 per cent, increasing carcass cut-out value by 15 per cent and reducing cost disadvantage relative to global competitors by seven per cent by 2020 won’t be easy. But much of […] Read more

Doing a better job of turning grass into grain — and saying so

Growing more forage is the right thing to do. 
Is the beef industry prepared if it happens?

If you’re looking for proof that there is no such thing as bad publicity, beef may be a good example. For years it’s been painted as a public health and environmental villain, and recently there were more reports on how bovine frontal and rearward methane emissions are a major source of climate-altering greenhouse gas. All […] Read more