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John Barlow in July 2015. (

Consultations close on tax planning proposals

Calls from farm groups and federal opposition politicians for further consultations on a proposed overhaul of the private corporation tax system have been shut down in the House of Commons. A motion Tuesday from Ontario Tory MP Pierre Poilievre, vice-chair of the Commons finance committee, calling for consultations to continue beyond their Monday deadline through […] Read more

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau is proposing changes to “level the playing field” by changing income tax rules that allow some to avoid tax through “fancy accounting schemes.” But Alberta farm business experts say they will have a big impact on farmers.

Proposed tax changes could hit farmers hard

Ottawa’s plan to make wealthy Canadians pay their fair share of taxes could cripple your retirement or succession plans

Reading Time: 4 minutes Proposed changes to the federal income tax act could have far-reaching consequences for Canadian farmers. “The proposals that came out in July are so wide reaching and so complicated that they could significantly impact all farms across Canada,” said Allan Sawiak, a taxation partner at accounting firm Kingston Ross Pasnak in Edmonton. “This will affect […] Read more

Ottawa still considering eliminating deferred grain cash tickets

Ottawa still considering eliminating deferred grain cash tickets

Alberta crop commissions say federal finance officials don’t understand the 
serious impact of eliminating the tax break

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ottawa is extending the public consultations on the “potential elimination” of deferred grain cash tickets by two months. But Alberta farm leaders say federal finance officials have “little understanding” of the importance of the income tax break and “the far-reaching implications if farmers were to lose access to this tool.” “We believe that the government […] Read more

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau in the House of Commons March 22. ( via YouTube)

Agrifood a pillar in federal budget’s ‘innovation’ plan

The federal government’s latest budget puts up Canada’s agrifood sector as one of six “key areas” to benefit from a new national “Innovation and Skills Plan.” Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Wednesday unveiled a budget projecting $330.2 billion in expenses in 2017-18 against budgetary revenues of $304.7 billion, for a $28.5 billion deficit. The […] Read more

Improving rail service and encouraging expansion at the Port of Prince Rupert is critical to improving Western Canada’s future prospects as a grain exporter, says AGT Foods CEO Murad Al-Katib.

Prince Rupert needs to be part of rail transport revamp

Expanding the northern B.C. port should be a key part of $10.1-billion plan to improve transportation

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Port of Prince Rupert should be a major beneficiary of Ottawa’s $10.1-billion pledge to revamp transportation routes to international markets, says one of the world’s biggest pulse exporters. “Prince Rupert is a major opportunity — when we look at Pacific gateway access, we need a balanced approach between Vancouver and the Port of Prince […] Read more


Canada expects Britain to be part of CETA

London | Reuters –– Canada expects Britain to be part of the CETA trade deal between Canada and the European Union, and stands ready to work with Britain on how the system will function after Brexit, Finance Minister Bill Morneau told BBC radio on Wednesday. He also defended Canada’s NAFTA trade deal with the U.S. […] Read more