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Grain equipment firm AGI buys into dryer market

The Winnipeg parent firm for grain bin, auger and conveyor brands such as Westeel, Twister, Westfield, Wheatheart and Batco has bought its way into the grain dryer and stationary grain handling businesses. Ag Growth International (AGI) announced Tuesday it has bought up all shares in a Nebraska-based competitor, Global Industries, for US$100 million — a […] Read more

Grain meant for long-term storage with higher-than-desired moisture should first go through a grain dryer.

Numbers matter when storing grain, crop expert says

Pay close attention to two critical numbers when storing grain, says Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development crops specialist Mark Cutts. “Temperature and moisture content of the grain are two important factors that influence the length of time grain can be stored without a change in quality,” says Cutts. “In general, as grain temperature and moisture […] Read more