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Innovative biorefinery to be built in Lacombe

Reading Time: < 1 minute The industry-funded Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) system is contributing $10 million for construction of a $45-million Lacombe Biorefinery. The clean energy and organic fertilizer facility will be the first in the world to use a technology called BioRefinex thermal hydrolysis. This technology, developed in Alberta, uses high heat, high pressure and water to […] Read more

New biorefinery to open demonstration refinery

SBI BioEnergy says it has a unique process that uses no water or chemicals and generates no waste

Reading Time: 2 minutes An Edmonton company is reaching the final stage of its project to build a biorefinery that will convert non-food canola oil and waste fats into next-generation, renewable transportation fuels that can replace or can be blended with conventional fuels. The company, SBI BioEnergy (SBI), has been working on scaling up its novel “catalytic” processing technology […] Read more