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The first year of a biostimulants study showed increased root development and plant vigour. But it’s not yet known what conditions are needed for the products to have an impact or what any payback might be, says Mike Gretzinger, research co-ordinator at Farming Smarter.

Marvel or foo-foo dust? No verdict yet on biostimulants

Many products purport to boost plant health and yield but objective evidence needed, says researcher

Reading Time: 3 minutes The jury is still out on biostimulants. “Hopefully in two or three years, we’ll have a better recommendation and strategy for these things, but right now, it feels like there are more questions than answers,” said Mike Gretzinger, research co-ordinator at Farming Smarter. The recent buzz around biostimulants — a variety of products that boost […] Read more

Research co-ordinator Mike Gretzinger stands with some biostimulant products during Farming Smarter’s field day in July.

Alberta researchers delve into mysterious world of biostimulants

Three-year study aims to see if these products work on wheat, peas, and canola under Alberta conditions

Reading Time: 2 minutes There are a lot of products that growers can put on their crops, but do they really work? That can be a difficult question at the best of times but it’s especially challenging in the rapidly expanding but little understood world of biostimulants. The term has been around for many years but the closest thing […] Read more