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Wilf Keller elected new AIC board chair

Wilf Keller is the new head of the Agricultural Institute of Canada. Keller is a well-known agricultural researcher who has worked for nearly 40 years mainly in the field of biotechnology development and application for the genetic modification of crops. In this time he has led numerous major research efforts. Keller worked at the Research […] Read more

Tips on the proper use of livestock antibiotics

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here are Dr. Craig Dorin’s recommendations for using antimicrobials effectively. Don’t use antimicrobials for diseases that they are not indicated for. For example, abscesses are a common problem, but these are localized infections. If the animal does not have a fever and the infection is not systemic, it doesn’t need an antibiotic. Similarly, don’t use […] Read more

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Counties say GM alfalfa not wanted here

Councillors and forage industry members concerned about potential loss of markets if GM alfalfa allowed in Alberta

Reading Time: 3 minutes Councillors from counties across the province have voted to keep genetically modified alfalfa out of Alberta until international markets become more accepting of the crop. At a meeting of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC) earlier this month, 59 per cent of Alberta’s county councillors voted to keep the province free of […] Read more

Accentuate the positive in modern farming

Accentuate the positive in modern farming

FarmTech: Croplife CEO says farmers ‘will never win’ the debate about farming practices if their message is all about science

Reading Time: 2 minutes Watch your language. That’s the advice of Ted Menzies for dealing with people who are fearful of modern farming practices. “We all face this challenge, it’s very complicated to explain,” said the president and CEO of CropLife Canada, an organization which represents the plant biotech sector. “We lead a very scientific life on the farm, […] Read more

This group of students recently won top prize at an international competition by creating a new type of gene-based fungicide. From left to right are Seme Mate, Andy Hudson, Graeme Glaister, Taylor Luchanski, Rhys Hakstol, Suneet Kharey, Chris Issac and Michelle Kwan.

New gene-based fungicide could combat fusarium

Their method? Target the gene that allows the pathogen to reproduce and ‘knock it down’

Reading Time: 3 minutes A team of University of Lethbridge students has developed a potentially game-changing product that could wipe out a widespread problem for cereal growers — fusarium graminearum. “It’s a really pertinent local issue, but it’s also a global issue, so it expands the potential impact (of our project,)” said Graeme Glaister, a fourth-year neuroscience student at […] Read more