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Bison prices rise with market access

CNS Canada — Prices for Canadian bison are slowly gaining ground as the industry continues to try and expand its global footprint. While the U.S. remains Canada’s largest export market, efforts have been made to increase access to Mexico, Europe and some parts of Asia. Last year, roughly 11,500 animals were slaughtered domestically while 17,600 […] Read more

The 2018 Bill Lenton Memorial Award was presented to Brad and Carmen Ramstead of Fort McMurray by the Manitoba Bison Association.

Alberta bison ranchers win top Manitoba award

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fort McMurray bison ranchers Brad and Carmen Ramstead are the winners of a top award given out by the Manitoba Bison Association. The association, which has several out-of-province members from Alberta, Ontario, and even the U.S., gives the Bill Lenton Memorial Award to members who have “shown dedication and commitment as well as given of […] Read more

You can make good money raising bison — if you can keep your feeder costs down.

There’s a fine line between average and excellent

A multi-year benchmarking study of the most profitable bison producers 
offers insights to any livestock operation

Reading Time: 3 minutes What sets a top-performing bison producer apart from a low performer? About fifty cents. That was one of the key preliminary findings of a multi-year benchmarking study that compares performance indicators in Alberta and Saskatchewan bison herds. “Our main objective was to develop a performance indicator that allows us to evaluate farms relative to one […] Read more


Canada reintroduces bison to Banff National Park

Calgary | Reuters — Parks Canada has reintroduced a herd of plains bison to the country’s oldest national park in Banff, Alta., officials said on Monday, more than 130 years after the iconic North American animal last grazed the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies. The conservation team moved 16 bison from a protected herd […] Read more

Looking for an opportunity in livestock? Bison have a lot to offer

Looking for an opportunity in livestock? Bison have a lot to offer

This mighty Prairie ruminant is the complete package when it comes to meeting demand for grass-fed, all-natural meat that comes with a great story

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the most interesting animals in North America is bison. A ruminant that used to wander our Prairies in the millions has been reduced to around 500,000 head, many in pens on farms. Rugged and remarkable, these ‘knowledge keepers’ have much to teach us about nature itself. Bison love space and they travel as […] Read more

Don’t try this at home — Ivan Smith is renowned for his ability to handle bison, which quickly revert to their wild ways when stressed.

Stress a bison and someone will pay

Some call them athletic, others say ‘suicidal,’ but all agree that wild is the default mode for bison

Reading Time: 4 minutes Bison producer Ivan Smith doesn’t go anywhere without a butcher knife and a rifle in his truck. “Anything can go wrong when you’re dealing with an animal that’s this athletic,” said Smith, who operates Big Bend Bison Ranch near Innisfail. “It’s just the nature of the bison. They’re not meant to be captive, so when […] Read more

Bison production is actually down from a decade ago, but demand continues to grow every year.

Bison producers can’t keep up with ever-increasing demand

Demand for Canadian bison is beginning to outstrip supply

Reading Time: 2 minutes The story about bison prices this year is “a damn good one.” “When we talk to marketers, the question we ask is, ‘How frequently are you shorting your customers?’ And they say, ‘Very frequently,’” said Terry Kremeniuk, executive director of the Canadian Bison Association. “That just demonstrates how strong the demand is out there.” The […] Read more

Anthrax can be a threat to bison, cattle, sheep and goats during drier years, says veterinarian Kent Weir.

Anthrax warning issued after two bison die near North Battleford

There is a greater risk of anthrax in dry conditions and 
a sudden unexplained death is the key warning sign

Reading Time: 2 minutes Authorities are warning that the anthrax danger is higher after two bison northwest of North Battleford, Sask. recently died after contracting the highly contagious disease. “Whenever we have drier summers, anthrax is always a higher risk,” said Dr. Kent Weir, associate veterinarian with Weir Veterinary services in Lloydminster. Anthrax spores can survive for decades in […] Read more

Recent bison deaths in North Battleford due to anthrax, more suspected

Recent bison deaths in North Battleford due to anthrax, more suspected

Keep a close eye on your herd and contact your vet immediately if you suspect anthrax on your farm

Reading Time: 2 minutes With high temperatures and drought, cattle and bison are at a higher risk of anthrax. Two bison deaths northwest of North Battleford, Saskatchewan have recently been confirmed as caused by anthrax, and seven others are suspected. Producers are encouraged to keep a watchful eye and to refresh their memories on what to do when anthrax […] Read more

bison weighing system

U of A students take the stress out of stepping on the scale — for bison, that is

University of Alberta students hoping to reduce handling stress in bison 
through a remote weighing system using automatic platform scales

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stepping on a scale doesn’t have to be stressful — for your bison, at least. “Just like in people, when bison step on a scale, sometimes they have quite a harsh stress response,” said Josh Perryman, a University of Alberta student who spoke at the Wildrose Bison Convention earlier this month. Bison are notoriously flighty […] Read more