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New Blue Book is now available

The Crop Protection publication — a.k.a. the Blue Book — is now available. The 2019 edition has newly registered pesticide products, updates on previously registered ones, and changes in usage instructions. “There are a couple of new herbicide products, but there are many more minor changes to existing registrations,” said crops specialist and co-editor Harry […] Read more

Crop Protection ‘Blue Book’ goes mobile

The Blue Book has long been popular reading in the homes of Alberta farmers — and now they can read it anywhere on their smartphones. The Crop Protection book (as it is officially known) is updated annually for previously registered products and includes newly registered pesticide products — herbicides, pesticides, seed treatments, and foliar fungicides. […] Read more

It’s a sure sign of spring — the ‘Blue Book’ is here

It’s 600 pages of info on pesticide products, and an invaluable guide for producers across the province

This year’s edition of the ‘Blue Book’ is now available. “An important part of the annual update includes newly registered pesticide products,” said crop specialist Mark Cutts, co-editor of the book, officially known as Crop Protection 2018. “This year’s edition includes new additions to the four main pesticide types: herbicides, insecticides, seed treatments, and foliar fungicides. […] Read more

The new edition of the Blue Book is out

This year’s edition of the Blue Book is now available. Crop Protection 2017 has been updated to include newly registered pesticides and usage instructions. This includes new herbicide registrations for pre-seed products and a number of new fungicides, including products for use on canola, cereal crops, and potatoes. Newly registered seed treatments are available for […] Read more