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During the 2013 flood, there were fears the Bassano Dam could have failed. Irrigation districts have been working with government on ways to hold back a flood surge through new upstream reservoirs.

Flood protection offers win-win for irrigators

New reservoir could protect both Calgary from catastrophic flood while increasing supply for irrigation

Reading Time: 3 minutes The 2013 “super flood” that hit southern Alberta was the country’s costliest natural disaster — with the bill for damages and recovery measures topping $6 billion. Now, a new report says there are ways to both prevent a similar disaster and also help mitigate the impact of drought. The Bow River Working Group — composed […] Read more

Water levels behind the Ghost Dam, shown here during spring run-off, are being kept lower from mid-May through early July to provide flood protection.

Irrigation not forgotten in Bow River flood mitigation agreement

Keeping water levels lower behind the Ghost Dam provides capacity for 
capturing flood waters, but can mean less water is available later on

Reading Time: 2 minutes While irrigation districts are thankful that drought was considered in a recent flood mitigation agreement between the province and TransAlta, there is concern that more might be needed in order to ensure adequate water is available during dry spells. The five-year agreement will see TransAlta paid $5.5 million annually for keeping water levels at the […] Read more

These samples, collected at Lake Mead in Nevada, show the growth of quagga mussels 
on a pipe after two, four, and six months.

The battle against invasive mussels is unending

Zebra and quagga mussels would cause $75 million in damage annually if they got in Alberta waterways

Reading Time: < 1 minute Efforts to keep invasive mussels out of Alberta have been successful so far, but the threat is unending. “Inspectors at the Coutts inspection station near the Montana boarder have already intercepted one mussel-fouled boat since opening for the season in March, and it is expected that this will be only one of many such incidents […] Read more