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Now’s the time to make a list on improving calf processing

Beef 911: There are always ways to improve and it’s worthwhile reviewing how things went this year

Reading Time: 4 minutes Since the traditional time for getting calves ready for grass is close to over, it is good to review your protocols, methods, and any issues you had this year and introduce ways to improve next year. There are two main ways ranchers process calves. The first is the traditional way we call ‘branding,’ where calves […] Read more

branding a cow

Beef website offers insights and tips on pain mitigation

Cattle’s experience with pain is not fully understood, but research on minimizing pain is steadily advancing

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Beef Cattle Research Council has updated the pain mitigation section of its website. The following is an edited version of that page, which also contains videos and links to further articles. Consumer pressure to avoid painful practices on cattle when possible — and to reduce pain when castration, dehorning, or branding are necessary — […] Read more

The best way to track your cattle is to brand them and record the CCIA tag numbers, says Cpl. Dave Heaslip, RCMP livestock investigator for northern Alberta.

The thieves weren’t caught — but the clerical error was

RCMP Livestock Investigator Cpl. Dave Heaslip says the case still 
shows the value of branding cattle and recording tag numbers

Reading Time: 2 minutes To err is human. A Provost-area producer recently learned this the hard way, when he discovered cattle he reported stolen had actually been in the herd the whole time. “It was an honest mistake,” said Cpl. Dave Heaslip, RCMP livestock investigator for northern Alberta. “He’s a good cattleman. He’s got all his cattle branded, that’s […] Read more