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cow and newborn calf

Calving problems are decreasing

Vets aren’t called out during calving as often as they used to be, 
but producers need to know when to call for backup

Reading Time: 4 minutes With genetic selection of lower birth weights and easy calving bulls, calving problems due to fetal oversize are becoming rarer and rarer. But there are still common problems, which are worth reviewing to help producers recognize and assist these deliveries to save more calves as calving season is upon us. Fetal malpresentations today are the […] Read more

Cow an calf in a barn stall.

A full breech birth is a dangerous situation

Beef 911: Cows with a history of twins more likely to have a full breech birth

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the true breech, the calf presented tail first with both back legs pointing forward under the body of the calf. A lot of producers refer to a straight backwards calf as a breech, but that is a misnomer. The true full breech has both back legs forwards so the first thing you feel when […] Read more