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Can you afford to feed open cows this winter?

High prices have more than covered winter feeding costs, but now it may pay to preg check and cull

Pregnancy checking cows in the fall could save producers up to $250 a head in winter feeding costs — but is it really worth it? “Over the last 10 years, it really hasn’t been,” said Brenna Grant, manager of Canfax Research Services. “But there is a threshold, at about $1.02 per pound. If prices are […] Read more

Should you precondition your cattle?

While preconditioning makes sense from a health perspective, it’s far from standard practice. In fact, a western Canadian cow-calf survey found only nine per cent of producers preconditioned in 2013. And those who do typically have a clear financial incentive, said Canfax Research Services manager Brenna Grant. “Frequently, producers consider preconditioning when they have extra […] Read more