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A transmission electron microscopy image of the first isolated case of the new 2019 coronavirus, as obtained by Reuters on Jan. 27, 2020. (Handout image courtesy IVDC, China CDC via Reuters)

Virus concerns add more uncertainty to cattle market

MarketsFarm — Cattle futures in Chicago dropped hard over the past few days, as mounting concerns over the new coronavirus in China triggered a broad-based selloff in global equities and commodities. While the virus adds an extra layer of uncertainty to the North American cattle market, expectations for solid beef demand should remain supportive for […] Read more

Feed prices have shot up and that’s lowered bids from feedlots, while drought also means cows are coming off grass earlier.

Big divide in crop and cattle marketing

Grain growers have options that most cattle producers just won’t have this fall

Reading Time: 4 minutes Drought conditions in Alberta will have an upside for crop growers when marketing, but it’s nothing but bad news for cattle producers. “From a bigger-picture perspective, certainly we’re going to have fewer bushels in Western Canada than in the past couple of years, and that is generally going to be supportive to prices,” said FarmLink’s […] Read more

Who saw this coming? The recent 50 per cent rally in cattle prices far surpassed what most market analysts were expecting.

Talk about a yo-yo: Cattle prices jump to near-record highs

The glory days of 2015 were a distant memory last fall — and then all of a sudden prices shot up again

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alberta cattle producers are enjoying unexpectedly strong pricing this spring with both fed cattle and calf prices in Alberta rallying almost 50 per cent since last fall’s painful lows. “There’s always going to be someone who says they saw it coming. We didn’t,” said Brian Perillat, manager and senior analyst with CanFax, the Canadian Cattlemen’s […] Read more

What’s on this year’s Cow-Calfenomics agenda?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sustainability, keeping a social licence, human resource strategies, and leasing for cattle are on the agenda for this year’s Cow-Calfenomics. As well, the one-day event will feature Brian Perillat from Canfax, who will give a marketing outlook and speak about herd expansion while forage business specialist Grant Lastiwka will give a presentation on economic grazing […] Read more

The drought and resulting feed shortage saw a big sell-off of breeding stock — and they’ll be expensive to replace.

Building the herd: The downside of strong cattle prices

Cattle prices are expected to remain strong into 2016, but what does that mean 
for replacement cattle next year?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Next year could see continued strong or even stronger cattle prices — and that’s a double-edged sword for producers who’ve reduced their herds this year and plan to buy replacements in 2016. Producers in prescribed drought regions who have reduced their breeding stock by at least 15 per cent can tap into the Federal Livestock […] Read more