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This photo only shows a corner of the University of Alberta’s precision feeding machine because it is not yet patented, along with one of the flocks of broiler breeders in the study.

Chicken feed doesn’t describe this system

Some broiler breeders gobble more than their fair share of feed, but a new Alberta-designed system has a fix for that

University of Alberta researchers are only halfway through a precision feeding trial for broiler breeders — but the early results are promising. “The system has done a great job at growing birds to the right weight,” said Martin Zuidhof, an associate professor at the University of Alberta. Along with a team of electrical and mechanical […] Read more

The deal will see Alberta producers get more quota and rejoin the Chicken Farmers of Canada.

Chicken industry reaches long-delayed allocation agreement

New deal gives Alberta fair share of chicken allocation

Canada’s broiler chicken industry has reached a new quota allocation agreement, avoiding a potential showdown with a federal regulator that could have thrown the system into chaos. The deal will see Alberta producers get more quota and rejoin the Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC). “The reason we stepped out was because our population was growing […] Read more

You lookin’ at me? Today’s broilers can channel their inner Robert DeNiro — they’re bruisers compared to their 1950s’ era cousins.

The tale of how chickens got so big

Today’s strain of chickens are four times bigger than the broilers 
of 60 years ago, and they need only half the feed

A modern broiler chicken grows a whopping four times faster than one bred in the 1950s — and packs on those pounds with much less feed. “They’re much more efficient,” said Martin Zuidhof, associate professor poultry systems at the University of Alberta. “It takes half the feed to grow a bird.” Zuidhof has been getting […] Read more