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U.S. indicts six more chicken-industry execs over alleged price fixing

Case alleges executives conspired to inflate prices for broilers

Chicago | Reuters — The U.S. government has indicted six more chicken-industry executives over alleged price-fixing, broadening antitrust prosecutions in its probe of the US$65 billion poultry sector. In June, the Justice Department indicted Pilgrim’s Pride CEO Jayson Penn and three others in its first charges in the criminal probe involving broiler birds, which account […] Read more

Greig: Why IBV is such a tough bug

Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) continues to find ways to keep itself relevant to poultry farmers, researchers and veterinarians across North America — much to their dismay. Why it matters: Despite lots of research and efforts to find ways to manage it, the virus continues to mutate and show up in flocks with different symptoms in […] Read more

You lookin’ at me? Today’s broilers can channel their inner Robert DeNiro — they’re bruisers compared to their 1950s’ era cousins.

The tale of how chickens got so big

Today’s strain of chickens are four times bigger than the broilers 
of 60 years ago, and they need only half the feed

A modern broiler chicken grows a whopping four times faster than one bred in the 1950s — and packs on those pounds with much less feed. “They’re much more efficient,” said Martin Zuidhof, associate professor poultry systems at the University of Alberta. “It takes half the feed to grow a bird.” Zuidhof has been getting […] Read more

Alberta Chicken Producers welcomes update to poultry care code

Group’s chair says province’s broiler producers are already adhering 
to expected changes and process ‘will validate what we’re doing’

An initiative to update the animal care code of practice for poultry is being welcomed by the chair of Alberta Chicken Producers. “We already have an animal care program in the province that is mandatory for our producers,” said Erna Ference. “All of our farmers are certified and on that program. From what I understand, […] Read more