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Working with a feedlot is an option to consider if you’re short on feed this year, says a provincial risk management specialist.

Partnering could be an option if feed is in short supply

There’s a lot of volatility in cattle markets right now and that could open the door 
to some ‘interesting value propositions,’ says expert

Reading Time: 3 minutes A shortage of feed and a dry start to the grazing season may make it worthwhile to investigate some retained ownership or other off-farm feeding opportunities, says a risk management specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “For some producers who may not have sufficient feed carry-over to sustain their production plans, moving yearlings or replacement […] Read more

Cattle price insurance premiums up from last year

Cattle price insurance premiums up from last year

Increased volatility in the CME cattle futures market makes it more expensive to protect prices

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cattle price insurance for the 2016 calf crop is now available from Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) until May 31, 2016 at a little higher cost than the same time last year. Bruce Viney, risk management specialist at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, says the higher premiums directly reflect a higher level of risk and volatility. […] Read more