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New Acre program produces a new kind of commodity

Corporations can ‘offset’ their environmental impact by funding stewardship projects on farms

Say you own a brewery (that’s the dream, right?). You’ve taken a close look at the changing consumer landscape and you think you understand what your customers want. Sure, they expect a good product — but more than that, they want a product they can feel good about buying. So you decide to show your […] Read more

“This kind of growth and recognition can only occur with community leadership. Right out of the gate in Alberta, the program was championed and embraced by various counties.” – Bryan Gilvesy

Program that rewards stewards of the land is taking off in Alberta

More than 100 Alberta farmers have signed up for ALUS, and that number is expected to grow rapidly

The movement to pay farmers for being good stewards of the land is gathering steam, with 10 counties in Alberta now having a local ALUS program. ALUS — short for Alternative Land Use Services and pronounced ‘Alice’ — is expanding across Canada and recently became a national, registered not-for-profit. “This kind of growth and recognition […] Read more