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Opinion: Why the cattle checkoff should rise

Canada’s beef industry has a bright future but innovation is key and costly — and the 
current levy simply isn’t enough

As cattle producers, you and I have been helping to fund Canadian beef research since 2002 by paying checkoff every time we sell an animal. The work that’s been done with that money has benefited the industry as a whole and at the individual farm level because of the information and innovations that come as […] Read more

Make hay while the sun shines

It’s good times in the cattle business, but there are things that 
need to get done before the next downturn

Good times don’t last forever, so use them wisely. That, in a nutshell, is the advice of four Alberta cattle producers who were asked for their thoughts on the current state of the sector and what lies ahead. A decade of misery following the BSE crisis in 2003 has been followed by record-high prices, and […] Read more

“The effects would be huge for the industry if we did not use antimicrobials,” feedlot manager Bryan Thiessen says in a new video from the Beef Cattle Research Council.

Antimicrobial use could be slashed, say experts

Simple management changes, like pre-weaning vaccinations, can greatly increase immunity in cattle

The livestock sector could significantly reduce and in some cases, eliminate, antimicrobial use with simple changes in management practices, say veterinarians. And that would reduce the threat of antimicrobial resistance and boost consumer confidence in the cattle industry. “The key is to have animals that are properly vaccinated,” said Craig Dorin of Veterinary Agri-Health Services. […] Read more