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Most farm buildings are exempt from the Alberta Building Code, but will that be good enough for insurers in the years ahead?

Farm building rules getting a rethink

Alberta currently does not have a specified farm building code, but Manitoba may hold a lesson on what the future holds

Reading Time: 3 minutes Planning on building a barn or other farm building? Do you know all the regulations and standards that you are required to abide by? If you don’t know, you may need to do some homework. Thanks to the growing complexity of farm buildings, farm building codes have become a going concern among the insurance, design […] Read more

This central Alberta machine shed looked OK from the front, but had actually collapsed under heavy snow this winter (see below). Whether replacing or building new, experts say an engineered structure is worth the investment.

Replacing collapsed buildings? Build strong and to code

The collapse of farm buildings last winter showed why it pays to invest in well-built, engineered structures

Reading Time: 3 minutes A spate of farm buildings that collapsed from heavy snow loads this past winter has Alberta farmers looking at replacing structures they never expected to fail. More than a dozen collapsed barns were reported in central Alberta. In one case near Ponoka, more than 30 cattle were reported killed. Other cases saw expensive farm equipment […] Read more