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Weaning is a traumatic event for calves and when it happens abruptly, they are more likely to be sick later on.

What’s good for calves is good for your pocketbook

The benefits of low-stress weaning are clear — higher weight gains 
and a big drop in treatments

Reading Time: < 1 minute Calves that are fenceline weaned vocalize 50 per cent less, walk less, and have higher weight gains in the first 10 weeks post-weaning compared to conventionally weaned calves. Fenceline weaning is nearly as effective as two-stage weaning at reducing signs of stress. With this method, cows and calves are separated by a fence but can […] Read more

A new and simple on-farm test can help producers ensure their calves get off to a healthy start.

Suckle strength linked to calf vigour at birth

This simple assessment is an even better indicator than calving ease, says University of Calgary researcher

Reading Time: 2 minutes A researcher at the University of Calgary has found a simple way to test for calf vigour — look for calves that suck. “Suckle reflex is a really promising indicator of a calf’s ability to consume colostrum,” said Dr. Elizabeth Homerosky, who presented at the 2015 UCVM Beef Cattle Conference. Colostrum consumption is one of […] Read more

Calf management survey links long calving season and calf mortality

Calf management survey links long calving season and calf mortality

A recent calf management study has shown links between increased calf mortality risk and the length of the calving season, timing of calving, and colostrum intake

Reading Time: 3 minutes Beef cattle producers with long calving seasons could see an increased risk of calf mortality, according to a recent study from the University of Calgary. “We looked at the correlation between the length of the calving season and mortality, and for every extra day, the mortality between a week of age and weaning went up […] Read more