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Camelina meal approved as feed for egg-laying hens in Canada

The Saskatoon-based Smart Earth Seeds has received federal approval to offer the Omega-3 rich camelina meal as a feed ingredient for egg-laying hens. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has approved the inclusion of 10 per cent camelina cake in feed for egg-laying hens. The federal agency had earlier approved cold-pressed, non-solvent extracted camelina meal for […] Read more

Fababeans are still a niche crop in Alberta, but acreage has grown 
more than tenfold in the last few years.

The enticing — and sometimes scary — world of alternative crops

Crops like fababeans and hemp don’t command huge acres, 
but have been successful alternatives for Alberta producers

Farmers are nothing if not optimistic — optimistic that Mother Nature will be kind; that prices will be good; and that today’s work will pay off a month, six months, or a year down the road. But for all their hopefulness, only some are willing to stray far from tried-and-true crops. “There is always some […] Read more

Camelina oil, seed and cake. The crop is a brassica similar to canola. It could be an attractive animal feed for poultry and other livestock.

Camelina soon to be a poultry feed option

Camelina 'cake' could be a new, attractive poultry feed

Camelina is one step closer to being a feed source for livestock species. “Camelina is not a perfect feedstuff, but it does have some advantages that could be an opportunity for layers, broilers and eventually turkeys,” provincial research scientist Eduardo Beltranena said at the recent Western Poultry Conference. The oilseed is a member of the […] Read more